912145 Veranda

Original Oil on Canvas

Image Size 30 x 40


912366 Pasaje

Original Oil on Canvas
Image Size 30 x 30
912346 Pasaje de Luz  Original Oil on Canvas

912346 Pasaje de Luz

Original Oil on Canvas

Image Size 72 x 48

Guzmán Aymara Biography

Some critics consider Guzman Aymara to be a painter who uses light in exaggeration. "I am ultimately a painter of light" he agrees.

Guzman Aymara was born in the capitol city of Puno, Department of Puno, Peru where the arts are a very popular part of the culture. His father played the mandolin and his brothers are all musicians as well as artists with Guzman being the only painter amongst his siblings.

He attended elementary school in Puno on the colorful shores of lake Titicaca, "The sacred Lake", high in the Andes mountains on the border of Peru and Bolivia. His mother would often send him to pasture the cattle. While walking through the serene countryside he would make music by whistling and because he had no paints, the young Guzman would use the different colored soils of the region to draw and paint using large stones as his canvases.

Aymara attended secondary school in Ariquiba the capitol city of the Ariquiba province. With 300 days of sun and a record 4000 hours of sunlight a year Ariquiba is nicknamed "City of the eternal blue sky".

"I come from the school of Ariquiba where there is usually sun all year round. The light and shades are very distinctive and that is what i want to rescue in my work" Aymara explains.

He received his formal education at the Escuela Nacional Superior Autónoma de Bellas Artes - the National School of Fine Arts in Lima Peru.

"Perhaps my main characteristic is light" he says. "In the vineyards there is the light of the sun, those tiny bits of light and filtration. Without light, my work would have no life it would be flat and lifeless". In search of themes for his work he sometimes travels to Ica known as "the land of the sun" to Peruvians and to the Andean valleys.

The area is a traditional source of pisco brandy made from grapes with many vineyards and variations of sunlight to be found. "The light going through the vineyards, sunlight surrounding everything. There is something abstract and wonderful that the light gives you, that is life for me."


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