Emanuel Mattini


930182 Forte

Giclee on Canvas in Painted Frame

Image Size 30 x 30


914550 Harmony SOLD

Giclee on Canvas in Painted Frame

Image Size 20 x 20


912424 D Flat SOLD

Giclee on Canvas in Painted Frame

Image Size 38 x 32


914549 Allegro SOLD

Giclee on Canvas in Painted Frame

Image Size 30 x 40


912423 Rhapsody SOLD

Giclee on Canvas in Painted Frame

Image Size 24 x 24


When I paint I am a song...I am part of a rhythmic flow thrown into the river of time."
Emanuel's artistic gifts matured through extensive training in painting and photography at the Atlanta College of Art. The result is an imagery of many textures and cultures, embracing past traditions and present concerns in both the western and eastern worlds. Just as the Polish-born author Joseph Conrad became an eloquent and unique voice in English literature, Emanuel's art has begun to mark the evolution of Western art. Combining a profound knowledge of history with a sensitive awareness of his current cultural surroundings, Emanuel's art presents an original expression of our time.

Built primarily on the art of collage, Emanuel's art is woven from a fabric of tradition. Much more than a theoretical exercise or a decorative statement, his approach to collage embodies the masters, such as Rauschenberg, Braque and Carra, but also transcends their modernist stance, into a more sensuous and sincere artistic space. In this, his vision encompasses the twentieth century experience while also intuiting the aesthetic outlook of the new millennium.

Seeking new psychological and philosophical perspectives, Emanuel paints almost exclusively en serie-allowing infinite variations to unfold and multiply from a single, rational framework. This style approaches the postmodern, de-centered attitudes of late-twentieth century art, and this diversity mirrors our own multicultural society. Moreover, as his work is saturated with the theme of music, each canvas is injected with sound and opened up to additional senses and interpretations.

Emanuel's sense of space and color are also unique in their balanced disorder. Especially in the large-scale abstractions, color strikes an immediate, emotional chord, delivering sensations that are at once emphatic and romantic, concrete and metaphysical, post-modern and baroque. In these paintings, platonic ideals mingle with tangible objects to create scenes that could be straight from Donne's poetry-always transferring energy from the physical world into a more spiritual realm.

Emanuel's work is avidly collected around the globe.


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