Kay Griffith

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Oil on Canvas

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Oil on Canvas

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Kay Griffith


Kay Griffith, a native Texan, states that she always knew she could paint and believed that she would do so “at some point in the future”. As her life took her along other paths, she never wavered from the belief that she would be an oil painter when the time came to do so..

Along the way, Kay took a class in color and design. At another time she participated in weekly oil painting classes, taught by Larry Prellop. In the mid 90’s the opportunity to paint full time came to Griffith. She embraced the opportunity, paying no attention the skeptics. From the beginning, her work sold. She has been a professional artist for 16 years, and she has owned a gallery for more than eight years.

In her quest for excellence, Griffith continually worked to gain more knowledge about oil painting. She gives Dalhart Windberg the credit for teaching her how to “technically control the paint”. Additionally, Griffith states that her first professional quality palette knife was a gift from Windberg.

For the past few years Griffith has worked to integrate technical knowledge with what comes naturally to her as an artist. This effort has resulted in an ever increasing number of non-representational abstract paintings, displaying what Griffith calls “color before form”. It is with these abstract paintings that her career has taken flight. Their appeal spans age and geography. The pieces are emotionally evocative.

Griffith resists the idea that it is important for viewers of her work to know much about her. She insists that viewing these abstracts is about the interaction between the viewer and the painting, not about the artist. She says her abstracts “speak for themselves”. And that: they do. Laughter, joy, anger, and sometimes tears have been evoked. Conversations, debates, and heated arguments have been overheard while viewing them. They seem to touch something deep within.

Kay Griffith recently participated in a major art show at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas.


Abstract artist K. Griffith is from the U.S.A.  She was born and raised in Texas.  Her abstract work engenders visceral responses in viewers, unexplained by words.
Griffith took a course in color  and design. Janie Beitler, the textbook author, was her instructor.  She studied beginning oil painting with Larry Prellop, a Texas artist.  Dalhart Windberg taught her “technical control of oil paint.”  None of this explains her abstract paintings.  She paints them naturally, exuding passion and energy for every painting.  The impasto  and colors integrated into one thing, sometimes simply, other times in complex sophistication; but always making way for interpretation and contemplation by viewers.
Griffith has been a professional artist for 18+ years.  In 2012 Griffith made the decision to pursue a path that has lead to ever expanding and ever more spotlighted career.
2012 – juried into World of Art Showcase (an  international, original art show, held at the Las Vegas Wynn Resort.  December 2012. …featured 80 of the top artists from around the world.
2013 – juried into the prestigious FusionX – Art Ascension Exhibition/ special exhibition during Art Basel Miami
2013 – juried into 2nd World of Art Showcase held in Raleigh, North Carolina.
2014 – accepted invitation to exhibit at the Galeries Nationales Grand Palais, Paris, France – Nov. 2014  ( one of 30 artists invited)
2014 – accepted invitation to participate in exhibition in Toronto during 2015 Pan Am Games
2014 – Honorable Mention – 2014 International Fine Arts Competition (2000+ entries)  Hosted by Art Fusion Galleries,Miami

“I was born an abstract artist.  For me, it has always been about the convergence of color, rhythms, and the play of light and shadow.  Although I can execute traditional oil paintings, my heart is with the abstract work.  All I have to do to be inspired is walk outside and spend some time experiencing the convergence that I have described.  I find that this convergence is more accuragely reflected when I paint wet-into-wet, using a palette knife.
I am passionate about painting abstracts, and cannot imagine life without painting them.”
                             K. Griffith




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