Sylvian Copon

two red poppies

Two Red Poppies

Oil on Canvas
Framed Size 13 x 8

One Blue Poppy SOLD

Oil on Canvas
Framed Size 9 x 9

Sylvain Copon bio
From the Cote d'Azur to Southern California a new gypsy talent enters the world of fine art Abandoned on the carousel by his gypsy mother, the two year old Sylvain Copon was left to the care of his father, who settled his own gypsy spirit in the small town of Troyes, to become a pastry chef and raise his precocious little boy.
Sylvain spent an idyllic childhood in the country locale, fishing, painting, helping to prepare the delicate pastries of his father's shop, and going to school only when they were teaching History and Art. His obvious talent for painting soon led him to the academies of Paris, which he left after only a few months, recognizing quickly that the professors had nothing to teach him that he couldn't learn from a passionate experience of life.

Sylvain Copon is now one of the most respected names in the world of French contemporary art, having owned one of the top galleries in the Paris area for seven years, Representing both his own art and that of an older generation of painters whose talent he respects. Advocating the work of his mentors has been a great learning experience for this young Artist, who seeks to uncover the mysterious technical complexities of other artists' innovations. In this way, Copon has become a living library of painterly techniques, bringing all of his knowledge to bear on his own masterful canvases. For the last seven years, Copon has resided in southern California, realizing a life-long dream of coming to America to expose his work to a large audience receptive to his visions of sun-drenched color.
Copon's highly imaginative palette is intended not as descriptive but as expressive. As the artists explains, "When I paint yellow, it's not about the color yellow, it's about the heat ... when I use green it is to paint the humidity, and when I paint the lavender, you can smell the lavender." This creates a carefully personal work of art that expresses Copon's innate sensuality and his desire to control the object of his passion: "I'm like God, if I want to paint the sky pin, I paint the sky pink ... I can move anything anywhere, I make the painting my own." 
Copon paints in order to communicate his lust for beauty, to give to the viewer "a piece of my life." His lush Cote d'Azur landscapes and haunting, spiritual still life’s are not about the subject matter, but serve as compositional vehicles to hold his bold explorations of color and form. The technique of knife painting, of which he is an accomplished master, enables him to feel directly the sensuality of his paints. The knife is an extension of his heart and mind, allowing his expressiveness to have the precision of his creative thoughts. The knife, Copon says, is "sexy and strong," and following in the gypsy tradition of his family, the artist carries his everywhere he goes, using it all day long for every conceivable task – from opening jars of pigment in his atelier to cutting fillet at a swank Beverly Hills restaurant.
"Advocating the work of his mentors has been a great learning experience for this young painter, who seeks to uncover the mysterious technical complexities of other artists' innovations."

"I make love to the canvas," Copon says, "I work only on feelings." Painting is a special kind of magic for this artist, who wishes to paint only to create moments of happiness in our world. His ardent wish is that the viewer will look at one of his paintings and say, "I like that painting, I don't know why, but it makes me smile." Happiness and joy are altogether too fleeting, and Copon seems interested in finding a way to capture this joyful essence. The repeated motif of red poppies serves an appropriate metaphor for this philosophy. As he explains, "the poppy is a magical flower, not only because it can be so intoxicating, but because in the morning it is green and closed, at noon it is open and at night it dies." Sylvain Copon fights to preserve the delicate beauty of the poppy at noon, flush with life and full of pigmented splendor.
Perhaps most remarkable about this talented Frenchman is his restless search for innovation. He paints more than twelve hours a day, and claims that his technique is getting better and better. By returning again and again to the same timeless, classical compositions–a landscape with the sea, a country road, a humble interior suffused with light–Copon continually refines his approach, like a master musician endlessly reworking the same melody into countless beautiful variations. He is impatient to keep creating, often stumbling onto a new technique by accident then hurriedly moving on to a new painting so he can "enjoy this mistake as the beginning of a new canvas."
Copon's seemingly boundless energy is certain to assure him a permanent place in the culture of our times, as he confidently keeps pace with the inspiration that surrounds him. "I have a million ideas every five minutes" he energetically exclaims, going on to say that when an idea takes hold of him, he works until it is fully developed to his satisfaction, often painting well into the night. "I start, I finish, I sign," explains Copon of his work habits, adding, "sometimes I forget to sign because I am too busy starting the next painting." For Sylvain Copon, this is no tragedy, for his brilliance and individualism distinguish every work of his hands as distinctively his own–his signature is beautifully evident in every confident stroke of his magical gypsy hands.

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