Teresa Onoda


231109 Legion's Cypress

Oil on Canvas
Image Size 30 x 24

231110 Red October

Oil on Canvas
Image Size 20 x 24
Iowa Hay

231116 Iowa Hay

Oil on Canvas
Image Size 16 x 20

231112 Flowers in the Field

Oil on Canvas
Image Size 24 x 36

231111 Time for Harvest

Oil on Canvas
Image Size 16 x 20

About the Artist

Teresa Onoda's aggressive brush strokes and bolder-than-life colors have caught the eye of many established art-collectors frequenting galleries in the booming northern California communities of Lafayette and Walnut Creek, near the ocean in Carmel, and in trendy Vail, Colorado.

After earning a Fine Arts degree at Creighton University, then teaching art in Omaha, Houston, Memphis, Bloomfield Hills and in the Bay area, Teresa studied plein-air painting with well-known artist Pam Glover. In just a few years, Teresa's work began to gain attention for its powerful painting technique and use of pure color. Many began to appreciate the sense of movement and life she imbued in the landscapes captured on canvas.

Most of Teresa's work captures the "endangered landscapes" of Northern California, the beautiful rural areas rapidly being developed to provide housing for the state's burgeoning population. As farms, forests and meadows of wild flowers are destroyed to make way of housing, Teresa is one of a small band of plein-aire painters trying to put on canvas the beauty that, ironically, attracts so many to live in one of the most attractive regions in the world.


Plein-air painting has strong historical roots in California where the year- round temperature climate and generous amounts of sunshine encourage artists who seek to capture the beauty so abundant in the state. Teresa Onoda paints primarily among the rolling hills of the East Bay and the vineyards of the Wine Country. She occasionally paints in Nevada and Colorado, as well.

Teresa's work--and paint palette- are inspired primarily by the French impressionists of the early 20th Century, and by a lesser-known group called the Fauvists, noted for using the most vibrant colors found in nature. More directly, Teresa acknowledges an artistic indebtedness to a group of Northern California impressionists called "The Society of Six."

This group of plein-aire painters became a creative force of historic note upon viewing French works at the Panama-Pacific International Exposition in San Francisco in 1915. Given the climatic and geologic similarities between southern France and the California coastline, there were strong natural affinities between the work of the French and American artists.

More about "Society of Six"

Several members of the Society of Six passed on their craft to young local painters, including Pam Glover, who painted with one of the group's founders, Louis Siegrist. She also painted with Siegrist's son, Lundy, who followed in his father's artistic footsteps. Mrs. Glover, in turn, has taught plein-air techniques to many accomplished artists, including Teresa Onoda, who is now teaching outdoor impressionist painting herself. Given the strong hold of the arts in California and the striking natural coastline and mountains this generation-spanning school of painting is certain to continue.

Teresa Onoda received her B.A. in Fine Arts degree from Creighton University in 1975. She has since taught Fine Art and given Art instruction to aspiring artists and children alike, in a variety of locations including the Joselyn Art Museum in Omaha, Nebraska as well as in Houston and the Bay area. She is currently a Moraga based plein-aire painter. She is married and has two children, a dog, a cat, a bunny, and two horses.


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